About Us

Takeoff Crowdfunding empowers positive change by delivering essential information to individuals and organizations committed to making a difference. As a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the social sector, Takeoff Crowdfunding goes beyond traditional boundaries to provide comprehensive data and insights that shape a better world.

At the core of our mission is the commitment to unraveling the complexities of the global nonprofit landscape. Annually, millions of nonprofits invest trillions of dollars in initiatives worldwide. Takeoff Crowdfunding takes on the crucial task of tracking the origin, allocation, and impact of these funds, offering a profound understanding of the philanthropic ecosystem. Through extensive research, collaborative efforts, and specialized training, we bridge the gap, connecting passionate individuals with the resources necessary to drive positive change.

Our vision extends beyond the present, envisaging a social sector equipped to confront the critical challenges and seize opportunities of our time. To realize this vision, Takeoff Crowdfunding leverages the Foundation Directory, a robust information platform aiding nonprofits in identifying potential funders who align with their mission and objectives.

Joining forces with Takeoff Crowdfunding means becoming part of a team characterized by curiosity, technical prowess, analytical acumen, and excellent interpersonal skills. Our diverse staff includes data scientists, designers, sociologists, strategists, programmers, policy experts, and a mix of experienced professionals and emerging talents. As a collective of idealists and realists, we share a common belief that the dissemination of knowledge is the key to fostering a better world.

By collaborating with us, you contribute to the support of individuals and organizations actively engaged in making a positive impact. Takeoff Crowdfunding invites those who share our passion for knowledge-sharing and aspire to contribute to a world where information becomes a catalyst for meaningful transformation. Together, we empower those who seek to create a lasting impact on the global stage.